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4pm – 12am Monday – Thursday
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This is the Fifty/50

Our Story

More than 10 years ago, two great friends and hospitality veterans saw an opportunity to bring their favorite bar and comfort food to the up-and-coming Wicker Park neighborhood.

On March 20th, 2008, the Fifty/50 opened to the public with the promise of warm service, great food, and one hell of a bar scene.

Us Guys

Naming restaurants has never been a strong point for us. It was a few months away from opening when Greg’s mom told us we’d be “F*?c*ed 50/50” if we didn’t figure out a name that we had our restaurant’s name. The stylized “Fifty” is meant to symbolize Greg’s eye for detail and design and fun, while Scott was always more of a number’s guy… hence the 50.

And the Slash? Now partner Eddie Mahoney has been trying to figure out what the hell those guys are talking about since day 1.

The Food

Believe it or not, great bar food made from scratch wasn’t really a thing prior to 2008 when smoking cigarettes in restaurants and bars was still a thing. Not to say other places weren’t hiding poor cooking with fake truffle oils and other cheap sauces, but nobody was actually cooking.

We did it different. After years of working in fine dining, Greg & Scott wanted great wings, cheese fries, a burger, or a skirt steak sandwich in a casual environment where they could yell at the tvs, get drunk with friends, and wear whatever the hell they wanted.

Our hot sauce.. made in house and aged for 2 months. The cheese fries? How about a creamy bechamel layered with cheddar then topped with more shredded cheddar cheese. How about adding some skirt steak trimmings to our Triple Secret Burger blend? Every sauce, every dressing, every thing we do is made from scratch except the ketchup. We even roast veal bones and make real veal stock for our incredible French Onion Soup.

And if you want crazy toppings on your burger, we’ve got them, but all you really need is a little ketchup and salt and pepper. The quality of our burger speaks for itself…. oh yeah.. no truffle oil.

Our Scene

The Fifty/50 is a lot of people’s happy place. Our staff and management team likes to have fun with our guests which is why everyone on the team has a comp tab. We’re here to party with you and help your party take things to the next level.