National 40oz. Week
the Fifty/50
June 29-July 5 -- The Celebration of America's Most Patriotic Beverage

Monday June 28 11Am-2am

Colt 45 "Works Every Time" Launch Party @ 7pm
$5 Colt 45 40oz-ers & $1 DOMESTIC BOTTLES

Colt 45 prizes & giveaways. Billy Dee Williams photo contest for $100 cash prize.


Tuesday June 29 11am-2am

40oz THEMED Team Trivia Night @ 8pm
$5 Schlitz 40oz-ers, $4 Goose Island Drafts & $4 Svedka

40oz themed team trivia hosted by trivia kingpin Adam Porte with prizes & giveaways.


Wednesday JuNE 30 11am-2am

4 Courses To Freedom 40oz Dinner
hosted by too white crew @ 7pm
$5 King Cobra 40oz-ers, $5 Ketel One, $5 CAPTAIN MORGAN & $5 CUERVO SILVER

4 course menu (Deep Fried Cheese Curds, Pulled Pork Topped Nachos, Fried Chicken, Smoked Ribs with Cornbread) in our basement lounge paired with different sommelier-selected 40oz pours for only $25.

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Thursday July 1 11am-2am

Old School Hip Hop BASEMENT PARTY @ 9pm $5 St. Ides 40oz-ers, $5 ULTIMAT VODKa & $4 PAMA FRUIT SHOTS
DJ Sye Young will spin old school hip hop in our basement lounge featuring the likes of Biggie, N.W.A, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop, Eric B & Rakim, Gang Starr, Wu Tang Clan, Run DMC, The D.O.C., Ice T and everyone else that sacrificed a 'lil St. Ides for our homies no longer with us.


Friday July 2 10AM-2am

$5 Mickey's 40oz-ers & $7 MICKEY'S IRISH CAR BOMBS

Raffle & giveaways including The Heckler subscriptions, Cubs rooftop tickets & signed Cubs swag while celebrating famous Mickeys ranging
from ex-Cub Mickey Morandini to Mickey "You're Gonna Eat Lightning and You're Gonna Crap Thunder" Goldmill from the Rocky movies.


Saturday July 3 10am-3am

$5 NATURAL ICE 40oz-ers

50 menu items. 50 minutes. $50. $500 cash prize for fastest finishing time in 50 minutes or less. 30 Buffalo Chicken Wings, 5 strips of House-Smoked Bacon, 5 Onion Rings, "Triple Secret Burger" Slider, Turkey Burger Slider, Pulled Pork Slider, Meatball Slider, Double D. Grilled Cheese Slider, Smoked Chicken Salad Slider, PB&J Slider, The Mac, Smoked Ribs (1/2 rack), Natural Ice 40oz-er.

Email to sign up.

We're also showing UFC 116 on our 18 flatscreens with sound @ 9pm


Sunday July 4 10am-2am

Fourth of July Gulf Coast Oil Spill
FundraIser Party
$5 Olde English 40oz-ers
& $5 Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon shots

Party hard celebrating our independence from those old English while helping one of America's greatest cities. The Fifty/50 will donate ALL proceeds from the drink specials on July 4 to The Greater New Orleans Foundation's Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. Chicagoland native and Super Bowl Champion running back Pierre Thomas of the New Orleans Saints will match The Fifty/50's donation.

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