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Our hot sauce is made in house from a blend of four peppers by roasting them and then making a mash which is then seasoned, strained, and aged for 2-3 months depending on the heat (capsaicin level) that varies throughout the year.

After proper aging, we make our buffalo sauce which is a blend of our hot sauce along with butter, honey, chicken stock, and special seasonings. Don’t expect “Franks” or the sauces everyone else uses here.

The next element of our wings is, of course, the chicken. Fresh, jumbo and antibiotic-free wings  that are then breaded in our special breading. Our wing breading is a blend of AP Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, and a proprietary cracker meal that we have made just for us.

Frying our wings in peanut oil ensures that we will evenly cook the jumbo wings without burning the breading or serving wings with any off-flavors. After we toss the perfectly crisped wings in our signature buffalo sauce, we then serve them with creamy ranch or bleu cheese dressings made just for dipping.

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